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1. You have ________ beautiful car  .
2. Your brother is really good-looking. I like ________ .
3. Can she ________ French?
4. ________ are my children, Peter, and Susan.
5. A: How often ________ speak English?B: Not often.
6. A: How old are your children?
B: My son is 12 and my daughter is 10. My daughter is younger ________ my son.
7. He ________ to the cinema and he came home late.
8. Who is ________ person in the world?
9. We ________ listen to music at home.
10. Her younger brother likes ________ a bike. He cycles with his friends.
11. A: How ________ time do they spend in front of the television?
B: Two or three hours per day.
12. There ________ any apples so I ate a banana.
13. A: Where are your friends?
B: They are at a restaurant. They ________ dinner together.
14. Our ________ husband is Japanese.
15. A:Would you like ________ at home in the evening?
B: Yes, we would. We are very tired.
16. A: Has he ever ________ a famous actor or actress?
B: Yes, he has. He saw Johny Depp last year.
17. This umbrella is ________ and that one is yours.
18.  I’m going to the park to take some photos ________ Saturday.
19. A: ________ she from Brazil?
B: I don’t know.
20. The museum is ________ the supermarket and the car park.
21. I eat ________ cheese. I love it.
22. What ________ do in the evening? Do you have any plans?
23. We ________ work. We are students.
24. A: What ________?
B: We are actors.
25. I ________ to Zakopane last weekend. I stayed there for three days.
26. How many ________ do you usually have for breakfast?
27. Some of my friends speak Spanish very ________ .
28. There’s a big garden ________ our house. You can’t see it from the street.
29. He usually ________ to work but today he’s going by bus.
30.  A: When ________ you come back?
B: Two days ago.
31. I was hungry so I ate an ________ .
32. She works in a hospital. She’s a ________ .
33. I love swimming and I often go to the swimming ________ .
34. This is my kitchen. There’s a big table, four chairs, a cooker and a new ________ here.
35. My favourite season is spring because everything is ________ .
36. He hardly ever talks. He’s so ________ .
37. It’s very ________ today. It’s going to rain in the afternoon.
38. He’s married. His ________’s name is Nicole and she is 29.
39. He can’t wear jeans for work. He always wears formal ________ .
40. A: How do you ________ your surname?
B: K-O-W-A-L-S-K-I
41. A: I like this jacket. What ________ is it?
B: It’s medium. Do you want to try it on?
42. A: What ________ is it?
B: It’s half past five.
43. I have a shower in the morning and then I ________ .
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