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1. Which job is, in your opinion, ________ dangerous in the world?
2. I want to lose some weight so I ________ to eat less, especially in the evenings.
3. A: Do you think they will come?
B: I’m not sure. They ________ come.
4. When Susan got back home, her family ________ . There was no one in the house.
5. I am ________ to do it.
6. Will you ________ help me tomorrow?
7. A: How long ________ here?
B: Since 2006. They like it here.
8. ________ I play tennis very well, I can never beat my older brother. He always wins with me.
9. When Jack came home from work, his son ________ dinner. John could smell onion and garlic.
10. The children are dirty because they ________ in the garden.
11. A: How many close friends do you have at the moment?
B: ________ , I’m afraid.
12. When did you last go to ________ theatre?
13. I don’t really enjoy watching television but I don’t mind ________ books.
14. ________ women are often believed to be more sensitive than men.
15. ‘Do you want to go with me?’, asked Tom.  Tom asked me ________ to go with him.
16. A lot of new cycle lanes ________ in our city at the moment.
17. My parents don’t let me ________ up late. They expect me to go to bed before 11 p.m.
18. My father is very talkative, ________ my mother is rather quiet.
19. I will call him as soon as I ________ home.
20. ‘Don’t do that again’, said Bill.  Bill told me ________ that again.
21. Would you decide to do a really boring job if the money ________ good?
22. Do you find it difficult ________ foreign languages?
23. Monica, ________ sister I work with, lives next door.
24. Do you know ________ any children?
25. We won’t help him unless he ________ us.
26. Our company ________ by a French company. We have new owners now.
27. I don’t remember ________ you for the first time. It was such a long time ago.
28. If I hadn’t studied maths, I ________ a maths teacher.
29. He’s ________ older than his wife. He’s 43 and she’s only 29.
30. ‘I spend a lot of money on books’, he said.  He said he ________ a lot of money on books.
31. My son is only 3 but he can already dress ________ .
32. You don’t need to hurry. We have ________ time.
33. A: Are you afraid of snakes?
B: Yes, I’m ________ of them.
34. What is your brother interested ________ ?
35. What would you like ________ your fish, rice or potatoes?
36. When I found out he was ________ honest, I stopped seeing him.
37. I want to ________ some money from the cash machine before we go shopping.
38. Do you know where the next Olympic Games will be ________ ?
39. We are such good friends because we have a lot ________ . We both love tennis and jazz.
40. She ________ attractive . She is slim and tall and she is always well-dressed.
41. Smoking in public places should definitely be ________ . I don’t understand why it is still legal.
42. If I were him, I’d ________ some new hobby, something like photography or diving.
43. The shirt I bought was too small so I gave it back to the shop and got a ________ .
44. He was an unreliable employee so his boss finally decided to ________ him.
45. Your car keeps breaking down. Why don’t you ________ it? I know someone who might buy it.
46. Don’t be so ________ patient. They will come at last.
47. We don’t have a dishwasher so leave the plates in the ________ . I’ll wash them up later.
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