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1. How much money ________ so far this week?
2. She was very tired in the morning because she ________ the whole night.
3. They ________ the project by the time I come back from my holiday.
4. A: How many people ________ to your party?
B: About 25. Why didn’t you come?
5. They can’t ________ lost. I told them how to get here and also, they had a map.
6. The man you saw yesterday ________ a dangerous criminal.
7. We wouldn’t have moved to the country, if we ________ a car.
8. The room feels ________ cold. Let’s turn the heating on.
9. I’ve bought a ________ dress for my brother’s wedding.
10. I won’t speak to you ________ you apologise for what you said about me.
11. I’m exhausted but this time next week I ________ on the beach. I can’t wait to go.
12. You ________ to her. She wouldn’t be so furious now if you had told her the truth.
13. Nobody knows where he is. He is said ________ the country.
14. He was seriously ill. However, he insisted ________ to hospital.
15. My younger sister wants to study ________ English ________ German.
16. I wish I ________ you. I’d be much happier now.
17. When asked by the police, she ________ having seen her boyfriend steal the car.
18. Your room is such a mess. It really needs ________ .
19. What should I do ________ to learn French quickly?
20. ________ I don’t like about living in a big city is heavy traffic.
21. Are you scared? You look ________ something has frightened you.
22. ________ being vain, he had quite a lot of friends.
23. When I got back home I realised something was wrong. I noticed that a few things ________ .
24. She’d ________ stay at home tonight. There’s going to be a thunderstorm. Tell her not to go out.
25. He hasn’t started studying for his exam, ________ is a bit worrying.
26. He finally managed to persuade me ________ him away.
27. If only I ________ a better-paid job. I would be able to afford a new car.
28. I ________ stay at home tonight. We can go out tomorrow if you like.
29. I’ll prepare something to eat as soon as I ________ my homework.
30. I can’t stand ________ what to do.
31. Oh, you have ________ . How much did you pay?
32. I can’t walk. I might have ________ my ankle.
33. Doesn’t he look rather ________ ? His clothes are dirty and worn out and he hasn’t shaved.
34. It’s not raining, it’s ________ . Don’t go out because you’ll get soaked.
35. Even though he’s in his late thirties, he often behaves like a child. He’s so ________
36. Who do you ________ ? Are you more like your mother or your father?
37. My brother usually sleeps like a ________ . Nothing can wake him up once he falls asleep.
38. Jack was ________ with murder but the jury found him innocent since there was no proof he had committed the crime.
39. I worried about my son when he went on holiday with his friends but fortunately, he came back safe and ________ .
40. A: Could you go ________ the contract and see if everything is fine?
B: All right. I’ll revise it later today.
41. My younger sister is as hard as ________ . She doesn’t seem to have any feelings for others.
42. I couldn’t come to the meeting. Did anything interesting ________ up ?
43. How many employees have been ________ redundant so far?
44. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on and get it off your ________ ?
45. When I started singing, some of my friends ________ into laughter. It was so embarrassing!
46. Teenagers don’t like being ________ by their parents in public, sometimes not even at home.
47. Tim is over the ________ about his new job. He says he couldn’t imagine a better one.
48. I can give you a(n) ________ with cooking if you like.
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